Thursday, October 1, 2020

According to improvement in the technology world the therapy used in Insulin Potentiating Therapy has not left the earlier tactics thus it insinuates use of a lower percentage of chemotherapy which is a combination of orthodox drugs such as a chemotherapy drug and insulin in the treatment including the art of acupuncture. The unique originality of a pain reliving technique is as beneficial to the integrative therapy as doctors training in its specific area not only study how to use  to enhance its effectiveness in therapy but also study acupuncture and moxibustion and the following:

Intravenous treatment can be applied as hydrogen peroxide intravenous therapy just as a means of keeping insulin solution being inserted in the body directed well to the intended site in the body so that effective application of treatment may be adhered to the body. Alternatively therapies related to gerovital injections increases when given through it as IV therapy is excellent for weakened immune systems.

Facts found in Insulin therapy treatment

Donato Perez Garcia discovered this therapy that appeared to be an efficient drug delivery system as the insulin used makes the cancer cells vulnerable to the drug’s effects in the body and modifies the permeability of the cell membrane to anticancer drugs. A risk included in the therapy is hypoglycemia due to decrease of blood glucose but can be comprehended as it is anticipated due to use of insulin which happens to be the a manipulative measure obtained from the method used by cancer cells to kill, this has been found to be an innovative strategy of curing cancer. Though it is an alternative cancer treatment it is used with other treatments for chronic diseases with minimal side effects. Acquired information is from the patients as scientific research is lacking but the study done indicates there is increase of cytotoxic effect of methotrexate in human breast cancer.

Foes realized in Insulin Therapy Treatment

Opinions of the critics seem to indicate the adverse effects of insulin potentiation therapy which is a medical means of advocating chemotherapy in a lesser painful way to the cancer and tumor patients as an unworthy risk to the treatment. Surprisingly, I may end up agreeing with them as there have been minimal study cases showing only small reduction of the sizes of tumors after the insulin therapy and it is accounted to be a short time effect.

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