Friday, December 4, 2020

Insulin potentiation therapy is a form of holistic healing. In this type of treatment, the patient is given a shot of insulin to potentiate the chemotherapy drugs. The insulin works to make the cancer cells very vulnerable to the chemotherapy drug. Healthy cells have alternative sources of energy. However, the cancer cells normally get their energy from glucose in the body. Therefore, when the insulin is injected and the blood glucose levels lower, all the membranes of the cancer cells open up so that they can absorb any available glucose in the body. After the insulin is administered, it is followed by administration of the chemotherapy drug and immediately a shot of glucose is given. The cancer cells being in dire need of the glucose take in both the chemotherapy drugs and the glucose. This weakens them and eventually kills them.

Pros of Insulin Potention

• Effectiveness
Insulin potentiation therapy is a very effective means of treating cancer. The therapy helps to make cancer cells vulnerable to chemotherapy drugs. For this reason, it helps to rapidly kill the cancer cells while preserving healthy cells in the body.

• Minimal side effects
Another advantage of the insulin potentiation therapy is that it has very few side effects. The insulin used during the therapy helps to minimize the amount of chemotherapy required in order to treat cancer. In so doing, it significantly lowers the side effects of chemotherapy drugs, such as nausea and hair loss.

• Cost-effective
Insulin potentiation is a very cost-effective approach to the treatment of cancer. Patients undergoing this treatment are able to save a lot on chemotherapy drugs. Also, they use less money as they are required to attend a lower number of appointments, given the effectiveness of the treatment.


Contrary to what many believe, insulin is not used alone in the treatment of cancer. Rather, it is only used for the purposes of potentiating the effects of the chemotherapy drugs. Therefore insulin potentiation is an integrated therapy that has to be used along with chemotherapy drugs for it to be effective in the treatment of cancer. For people suffering from cancer, I would highly advocate that they consider this integrative medicine. They stand to benefit a lot from it, both in the aspects of health and finances. However, the patients should be ready to cope with some side effects from the therapy, such as, hypoglycemia.

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