Wednesday, September 30, 2020

IPT for clarity is basically an acronym that stands for Insulin Potentiation Therapy. This is often applicable on cancer patients and the term ‘potentiation’ in this sense is used to imply that one substance which often is insulin is used to increase or rather enhance the effectiveness of another agent often ‘chemotherapy’. This will lead to the chemotherapy being needed in rather lesser quantity. IPT is a stage 5 of option for cancer treatment. This function on the important basis that cancer cells have cell that are intensely active in reception of insulin. It uses the combination of insulin and chemotherapy drugs.

How IPT works and its advantages over other methods

The aforementioned insulin’s role in the process is to target cancer cells’ membranes in the course of insulin potentiated therapy. This gives the opportunity to chemotherapy drugs to penetrate into the cell and try to kill them. The problem however with the insulin is that it leads to chemotherapy drugs being induced in very low quantities but the contrasting advantage is that it leads to a drastic reduction of the health hazards that comes out ingestion of large quantities of chemotherapy drugs as side effects. Despite the use of insulin as a membrane buster, back I the days, cancer patients had to first of all be put in insulin comma. IPT therapy these days however do not advocate for the use of insulin to solicit a comma and is advisable for everyone to avoid any therapist who opts to use this method. The modern methods are far faster, tremendous in the instance of effect and the best part is that it comparatively poses zero threats in line with side effect. This method of therapy is deemed advantageous because of the following reasons:
• This method of treatment is claimed to be comparatively gentler and least expensive as compared to other methods
• The non-diabetic insulin use is said to tremendously increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy drug on a patient.
• This method has also been noted to be effective in that it doesn’t involve any surgery on its treatment neither does it involve any form of radiation and thus reduces chances of side effects.


This method doesn’t however stand out without criticism. While other professional believe that it is a worthwhile method of therapy, some practitioners argue bitterly against the use of IPT for cancer treatment. They claim that it is a baseless method endorsed by substandard practitioners but doesn’t help improve the cancer situation but rather diminishes the hopes of life. Serious advice should therefore be sought from specialists before opting for this method of therapy as the critics might maybe be having a better way-through.

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