Friday, September 25, 2020

Insulin potentiated therapy (IPT) is a method of fighting cancer that was discovered by Dr. Donato Perez Garcia in 1926. In his book on cellular therapy, he describes the condition that affected his life as a young adult, which led him to discover the multiple uses for the hormone insulin. Dr. Garcia’s experimentation with insulin began on himself while he was still a medical student, then expanded to people with specific pathogenic germ illnesses. He would go on to document his experiments and their results for his own pioneering work.

Why IPT therapy is considered more gentle than standard chemotherapy

  • IPT uses less of the same medication that chemotherapy uses to fight the cancer cells with effectiveness. The therapy uses less toxic chemotherapy medication because it employs the use of insulin to maximize the absorption capability of the cancer cells.
  • IPT does not cause as much damage to healthy cells a standard chemotherapy does.
    Because more of the chemotherapy medication is going right into the cancerous cells, there is less of it effecting the healthy cells. Thus, doing less damage to the healthy cells throughout the therapy process. The damage that chemotherapy does to healthy cells normally cause side effects like loss of hair and appetite. These side effects are not experienced in IP therapy.
  • IPT does not use surgery or radiation to fight cancer. Insulin therapy works on the premise that because the cancerous cells use insulin to help them grow, they possess more insulin receptors than healthy cells. So, he feeds the cancer cells insulin right before giving them a dose of the chemotherapy medication. This allows for maximum absorption of the cancer killing drug.

Why this therapy is deemed dangerous

IPT therapy is deemed dangerous because it injects the insulin into the body intravenously. Prior to Dr. Perez’s experiments, and still common today, insulin is only introduced into the body by intramuscular injection, not intravenous. There are a number of possible side effects, which includes death, when this hormone is injected straight into the vein. However, this was exactly what Dr. Perez set out to pinpoint. He wanted to know how much insulin was too much. And, what was the exact time frame that he had to work within. To date, his son and grandson have used his insulin potentiated methods to carry on his fight against pathogenic germs and other diseases and introduced it to the scientific world.

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