Tuesday, September 29, 2020

We would often hear about internal medicine but we realize that we almost know nothing about them. You have no cause of alarm, this article is here to take you through some of the basics of internal medicine and facts you for a long time might not be aware of. Internal medicine firstly is that type of medication where internists provide medical services to patients who normally are adults and the kind of medication would involve surgery and pediatrics. Internists may offer this service within he realm of their institution.

What are some of the methods applied in internal medicine?

The first method hat has so rampantly been used in internal medicine is what is termed as Knee stem cell therapy. This in simple sense is the transplanting of bone marrows from one individual to another. However, this transfer could happen within an individual. This is done by replacing a sick bone marrow from one part of an individual’s body to eh other. It involves delicate cell transfer from one point of the body to another which eventually would turn into bone marrows.

Platelets rich plasma is also a therapy that is involved in internal medicine. What happens in this sense is that blood is drawn from an injured person and then through a process called centrifugation, the sample is enriched with platelet and they are eventually injected back into the injured part of the patient. The following is the general process of prp therapy:

  • Blood is drawn from the individual
  • The sample is enriched with platelets
  • The sample is injected back to the body

Lymphatic therapy is another form of this therapy. This is normally termed as lymphatic drainage massage therapy. In this case, the individual’s lymphatic cells are massaged. This is due to the believe that lymphatic system is considered the second best of all the systems of the body and to help the lymph circulate, massage or practice is very necessary.


The one thing that should be recognized by the whole of these procedures of therapies is that they come with varying degrees of side effects. What happens therefore is that an individual should be handled with utmost of care lets they develop fatal side effects. To avoid this, it is advisable for one to always be vigilant in looking for quality service from the involved individual. Do not let mediocre physicians experiment on your health.

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