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People are often confused when they hear the term internist or family physician. These types of specialists are who do not use surgical means to treat their patients.


Primarily, a general internist treats patients who are adults or older teenagers, usually 16 years old and older. Specifically, they treat acute and/or chronic diseases. They usually work in private offices though you can find them in hospitals as well. These internists are known are in-house internists. This means they only work out of the hospital and do not have an independent office. Those who do have their own offices will also see patients that they have admitted to the hospital.

While in medical school, it has been said that the field of internal medicine should be thought of as an “intellectual” specialty in the field of medicine because general practitioners usually diagnose and then subsequently treat their patients after discussing the symptoms, as opposed to running a slew of tests. Keep in mind, that an internist will send a patient for laboratory testing to come to a diagnosis based on the symptoms they present with.


Each day, an internist or internists general will see patients with a wide variety of problems. For example, they may treat:

  • Patients with cold or flu-like symptoms.
  • Patients who suffer from diabetes.
  • Patients with hypertension or high blood pressure.


Just as no two patients are like, neither are any two internists. These physicians are board certified in the sector of internal medicine, as well as specialize in another field of medicine such as:

Internists build long-term relationships with their patients. With this, comes the added responsibility of managing every facet of their patients care; specifically necessary prescriptions, follow-up appointments and referrals to other specialists. Additionally, they usually have to make themselves available after office hours, especially if they have an independent office.

Most people think when someone is a physician, they are making big money and living very well without worries. Though physicians are compensated for their educational background and expertise, people need to be aware that internists, family physicians and all other types of doctors dedicate their lives to helping others. Along with the money, there are also sacrifices.

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