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If you live in Miami you are in luck because there are lots of options for you in regards to quality Internal Medicine and healthcare. General Internists study internal medicine and spend three years or more studying the diagnoses and treatment of disease. Internists expertise on the subject of illness and disease make them common resources not just for patients but for other doctors as well, who often contact internists as consultants or as a second opinion in regards to rare of unusual cases.

Schools of Internal Medicine.

Internists are specifically trained in the effect of disease on adults and in this regard differ from your average doctor who may be trained to deal with a wider variety of afflictions.
Internist practice general internal medicine but they can also study to specialize in one of thirteen different schools of internal medicine. These schools can include, for example:

  • Endocrinology specializing in glandular disorders.
  • Gastroenterology specializing in treating the digestive functions and colon.
  • Hematology specializing in blood.
  • Geriatrics specializing in treating the elderly.
  • Oncology specializing in the treatment of cancer.

Other areas include Rheumatology, Pulmonology, Oncology, Nephrology, Immunology, as well as infectious disease, sports medicine and adolescent medicine.

Practices in Internal Medicine

Internists have a wide range of practical knowledge. This is due to the fact that they must have a comprehensive understanding of the human bodies many internal functions as well as the ways in which those functions will be affected by certain diseases or illnesses. Internists do not train in surgery like some other doctors or physicians might but they are trained in a number of other important areas.
These include things such as severe chronic illnesses and the effects of multiple separate illnesses contracted simultaneously, something which often occurs in elderly patients. Along with working knowledge on the specifics of women’s health, substance abuse and mental health they can offer a wealth of information of the topic of general wellness and the prevention of disease through healthy lifestyles.

Internists are also familiar with a number of common afflictions that bother other areas of the body outside their specific area of study. Don’t be afraid to contact a internists in regards to the treatment of eyes, ears, skin and even reproductive organs.

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