Friday, September 25, 2020

Internal medicine is an important topic in the world of alternative medicine. Internal medicine is said to be the medical specialty of preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases within adults. Doctors who specialize in this field are called “Internists” – not to be confused with “interns”. Internists could perform therapies such as plaquex therapy, or the newer PEMF treatment, and have even been known to oversee stem cell therapies. Internal medicine doctors focus on healing the patient, as well as teaching the patient about their own diseases and how to prevent disease and maintain wellness. In general, they thrive on teaching patients how to maintain their own health. Maintaining your health is arguably more important than treating illnesses in the first place.

Mind, Body, and Spirit

Internal medicine doctors deal with the biggest of problems, and act as the go-to, when regular doctors can’t solve a medical mystery! Internal medicine doctors are thoroughly educated, with a ton of experience to back it up, and well equipped to deal with any problem simple or complex. Mystery illnesses are no concern, and even in the case of multiple illnesses ailing the patient all at once! Internal medicine doctors focus on the health of the mind, body, and spirit – but because patients who see internal medicine doctors are usually gravely ill, internal medicine doctors usually work out of a hospital. Internal medicine doctors have an extensive amount of training – far outweighing the time normal doctors spend studying.

Internists can specialize in many areas, including…

  • Areas concerning heart disease (Cardiologists)
  • Areas concerning diabetes and glandular disorders (Endocrinologists)
  • Areas concerning cancer (Oncologists)

Why Internal Medicine Matters

Internal medicine dates all the way back to ancient cultures such as India and China. Over 2,000 years ago. Texts from India’s Ayurvedic anthologies of Charaka, being the earliest mention of internal medicine. In modern days, internal medicine began in Germany, when the concepts behind science and patient care were combined. A healthy life begins with health maintenance and disease prevention. This is why the work of internal medicine doctors is so important. Health, energy, vitality, and well-balanced mind, body, and soul are the keys to healthy living. Something we all strive for. Internal medicine believes in treating physical ailments as much as mental and spiritual ailments.

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