Friday, September 25, 2020

Internal medicine is the speciality in which doctors prevent, diagnose, and treat adult diseases. This is also commonly referred to as general medicine. Doctors who specialize in this practice are referred to as “internists” or simply “physicians”. Doctors spend a majority of their time in medical school practicing this speciality. They should not be confused with general practitioners or family physicians because they have concentrated training on adults, while general practitioners may also do surgeries or pediatrics. They should also not be confused with “interns” who are simply first year residents in medical school.

Family vs. Internal

Family and internal medicine are two different things and should not be used interchangeably. Doctors can simply be broken down into three categories. The first would be pediatricians who only treat children. Second, would be Internists who specialize in adult diagnosis and treatment. The third can be seen a combination of the two and that is a Family doctor. These doctors tend to see entire families and will treat both children and adults. Family doctors tend to build relationships with families and stick with them for long periods of time. This can also be referred to as family internal medicine. This is simplified breakdown of doctors, but it can go much further in depth when specializations are involved.

  • Specialized for adult treatment
  • Long term patient relationships
  • Expertise in rare and common diseases

Advantages of Internal Medicine

Internal medicine can be very helpful to adults because these doctors specialize in taking care of adults. This means that all of their training is designed around helping you. Internal doctors are trained to diagnose any illness either common or complex or rare disease. They also are known to be long term doctors who maintain a relationship with you and understand all of your health needs. Internists not only help in the clinic, but also do extensive research in office to be that much more prepared. Having one doctor that has extensive knowledge on your medical history is very advantageous because if anything were to happen, they would have the best opportunity to fix it and prevent any other future issues. They often also serve as consultants to possible surgeries or childbirth. Internists carry many advantages and can be seen as one of the most important aspects of your life because it involves your own health.

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