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You must have heard of the notion of internal medicine for quite a while now you might not be having a bit of information about this. This article is here to talk you through the basics of internal medicine and the related therapies. Internal therapies in the first case are the kind of therapy that is offered by physicians called internists, and it is normally subjected to adults. Internal medicine would involve things like pediatrics and surgery .these therapies would actually require the attention of qualified personnel lest it goes all wrong and cause fatal consequences tote patient.

What are some of the related therapies?

There are a lot of therapies that relate to internal medicine, and the first one is acupuncture cupping. This kind of therapy is of ancient Egypt origin and what happens is that hey bases their believe in the fact that when suction is subjected unto the skin of patient, there is an increased chance that blood flow is greatly enhanced. It believes that when blood flow is made easy, there is a high rate of healing of bodily ailments. The suction is created by placing cups on the surface of the skin. These cups are made from:

  • Earthenware
  • Glass
  • Bamboo

Gerovital gh3 and milk thistle benefits therapies are other therapies that are accommodated in relation to this kind of cupping. Gerovital is used by using a chemical called procaine which is used in hardening of arteries. Milk thistle therapies on the other hand use the seeds of milk thistle plant to remedy issues to do with liver damages. However, it should be noted that it comes with its own side effects like diarrhea, dizziness and to some extent, it predisposes diabetes.


It is good to recognize that all these therapies have the ability to deal with the health conditions that are diagnosed by the therapist. The one thing that has been emphasized is the issue of quality. Every time you consider having one of these therapies subjected to you, make sure that it comes in with quality. The reason as to why quality is emphasized is because of the fact that some if not all of these therapies comes with varying side effects it has been found out that most of them are caused by poor handling by the therapists who could be having little knowledge about these therapies.

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