Friday, September 18, 2020

Integrative therapy as a way of definition is a kind of therapy that is seeking to integrate a whole lot of therapies. The notion behind this integration is so that it increases the chances of success of remedying a situation. Some health situations would insist even after one form of therapy has been subjected to it. To curb this, professionals have decided to come up with a method of combining several therapies in order to lengthen the chances of success of treatment. This integration should be done by professional lest it goes wrong. It requires desirable proportions of each therapy so as to avoid one form compared to another.

Chinese Medicine

This is based on ancient Chinese herbal medicine that is one part of integrated therapy as a primary method. This is an ancient method that dates back to ancient China. It has developed over the years and have been accepted into the medicine centers eventually after a couple of time’s success. Its procedures involve holistic approaches whereby nothing clinical is done except that harmony is created between the body and the inner soul.

Lymphatic drainage massage

This is another kind of therapy that is part of the integrative therapy. It involves the massage of the lymphatic system that is considered the second of the body’s circulatory system. It is made of lymphatic vessels and nodes. Benefits of lymphatic drainage massage includes:

  • General body fitness
  • Increment of blood cells
  • Removal of toxins

It is based on the ideology that unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system does not have a pumping mechanism like the heart and thus to circulate the lymphs around the body; one needs to have a regular practice. Physicians have come out with this therapy to help circulate this lymph and help in the general functioning of the body.


It should, however, be noted that many of the therapies that are involved in this integration comes with their own side effects. What this calls for thus is quality in the side of the physician to whom you involve this whole procedure in. life is not something to be joked about and thus you should not give mediocre physician a chance to practice on you. Go to a trusted physician who has the necessary expertise to handle issue of integration of therapies.

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