Sunday, September 27, 2020

Integrative therapies are a combination of conventional medicine and alternative actions to treat a specific problem. The model for IT brings together specific factors into treatment that address the patient’s mental well being and the effectiveness medical practice. IT follows after conventional medicine and does have a place in science. IT is designed to be flexible and fill in the gaps that conventional medicine may overlook. Over time, IT can even lessen the need for a patient’s use for conventional medicine. The best way that IT can complement conventional medicine is when it aids all systems of the body. IT models range in techniques and tools, and to be effective they are designed with an individualistic approach. There are no blanket terms when performing good IT.

How IT Works

Normally, conventional medicine treats the body and then leaves the patient to return to their normal activities. The idea behind taking cold medicine or having knee surgery is to go through with the process so the experience can end, and then life should return to normal . IT does sort of the opposite of conventional medicine, when it comes to treating a patient. IT attempts to bring about change to the mind, as well as the body, so in part it brings a lasting change to a patient’s actions. IT includes the personality of the patient involved and goes beyond simply numbing physical pain or counteracting the side effects of treatment. IT helps conventional medicine with many ailment such as:

  • Breathing issues like Asthma
  • Chronic pain from cramps
  • Loss in Musculoskeletal range of motion

What to Expect From IT

Patients including IT into their conventional medical treatment should be prepared for a lasting mental transformation as well as a physical change. A good example of this change is talk therapy to deal with the stresses and side effects for a person who quits smoking either with or without the aid of a patch or gum. In a good model of IT there is a dialogue between what is happening within a patient’s conventional medical treatment and how it is affecting their life outside of treatment. There are plenty of establishments in Florida, such as integrative medicine Miami, that provide suitable IT.

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