Friday, September 18, 2020

Integrated medicine is a combination of using modern medicine with alternative ancient remedies. It is usually practiced in holistic healing centers that have licensed doctors who are also trained in naturopathy. The combination of treatments work remarkably well together. Patients receive the most rounded health care experience possible because the focus is on the body as a whole. Emotional aspects are considered as much as physical symptoms. There is a greater focus on balancing lifestyles in a healthy way with proper nutrition and exercise and even counseling to release negative emotions effecting the health.

What treatments are available?

Conventional medicine Miami residents use is focused more so on the use of surgery and pharmaceutical medication for treatment. Sometimes, these are needed so holistic centers do not rule them out completely. They have alternative methods which are tried first though. If a patient is having knee pain, acupuncture and topical herbal analgesics might be used first to alleviate the possible swelling and pain. Water therapy might be added as well. If the knee ligament was torn or damaged, the surgery might be done but with the addition of possibly arnica poultices applied to speed the healing. Many different alternative therapies are available at these centers. Some of them include:

Are alternative therapies safe?

Every person is looked at individually. Treatments are tailored specifically to them. The therapies are all safe and natural with no harmful side effects. Caution is used by taking a complete medical history of the patients first. Any current prescription medicines are noted as well as past injuries or current illnesses. If there have been prior injuries then more gentle therapies are used for that area of the body. For example, a person with past neck injuries might receive gentle massage for the neck but no chiropractic treatment which could worsen it. That is why anyone considering integrated medical therapies should make sure to communicate clearly to the staff about any concerns they might have before a therapy begins.

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