Sunday, September 20, 2020

Integrated Medicine Center is one of the Specialty and Treatment Centers in Miami hospitals. This center works with a primary team towards building a comprehensive and integrative care plan for patients suffering from post-cancer treatments among other diseases. Such care plans are personalized and evidence-based to facilitate safer health procedures, improve their quality of life and embrace their clinical outcomes. Integrative therapies are essential for in conventional therapy and care because they explore social, physical and psychological aspects during therapy.

Clinical Approaches

With regards to physician consultation, Integrative Medicine Miami provides detailed information on care plans including risks and benefits, non-conventional therapies, benefits of using supplements or herbs, meditation, acupuncture and oncology massage. Integrative physicians form a team of professionals who are experienced in different niches of research including nutritional substances, vitamins as well as herbs. Acupuncture is one of oldest Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approaches that involves using thin needles, which are inserted at different but specific points of the body through the skin. It is believed that there is a flow of energy through distinct pathways, which are used to restore health and balance to the body. Integrative medicine uses an evidence-based mechanism to understand and apply acupuncture effectively. This procedure is beneficial for patients undergoing conventional treatments for chemotherapy, fatigue, stress, cancer, xerostomia, hot flashes and peripheral neuropathies. Nutrition consultation is another pillar in integrative medicine. A plant-based whole food diet is beneficial for health improvement and disease prevention. It is important to consider nutrition counseling from a registered dietitian who has a proper understanding of optimal health. The helps the patient to get the best advice on how to manage their diet during:

  • treatment recovery
  • cancer prevention
  • treatment side effects
  • dietary lifestyle changes
  • weight management

Music therapy forms part of a personalized treatment and assessment plan, which forms part of a continuous evaluation even in conventional clinical practices. Integrative therapy uses this platform to promote wellness and physical rehabilitation, manage stress, enhance memory and communication, and express feeling as part of alleviating pain.

The Future

Integrative medicine reflects on all these aspects as a way of meditation, which is a form of mind-body connection to help in self-awareness, attention, and regulation of the patient’s thoughts and feelings. These approaches have a positive impact on the quality of life as well as the different biological processes that their body goes through as they restore their cognitive function, improve their sleep and decrease anxiety or negative emotions. Integrative medicine does not replace conventional practice but rather enhances it.

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