Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Integrated therapies by way of definition for clarity branches from the main therapy but in this case, due to the fact that it is integrated, it implies that the approach in the psychotherapy entails bringing together different elements of various therapies at one go. The psychology of human being varies depending on individuals and while one individual’s state of mind is assisted able by one therapy method. The same method cannot be applied to a different individual in the same or different situation. In this sense therefore, integrative therapy believing that all therapy theories hold a vital role in an individual opts to integrate all the available options in the aid of coming out with the best possible results on the individual. Some of these methods are however contradictory, but the specialist should be professional enough to tailor the available options basing on the individual personality of the person they are dealing with and the nature of their situation.


As mentioned in the introduction, this method majorly centers on the vast exploration of experience and delving deep into the vivid view of realities on the ground. Exploration of human function can be explored through several methods. Integration integrates several systems at a go that includes systems like:

• Humanistic therapies
• Psychodynamic and psychoanalytical therapies
• Behavioral therapies.
All these methods can wholly be integrated together in a situation where the specialist, for instance, is dealing with a person with behavioral problems. The diagnosis may entail adjusting behavior functioning and reduce symptoms. This in psychological terms is said to have applied cognitive behavioral techniques before moving on to applying psychoanalytic techniques that help the person recall childhood memories.


Health centers like integrative medicine miami and center for integrative medicine have proven that this course of therapy is quite advantageous unlike the using of only one method of therapy. This is because firstly, this method is quite flexible and stands out in hat it focus on the individual as a whole and isn’t biased. The various methods integrated would give a higher percentage of meeting the various concerns of the persons involved. This method as is a notch advantageous in that it doesn’t lock out the kids with problems and its quite useful in children with autism and difficulty in learning in schools. A problem which would entirely affect different functioning of the children’s normal day functioning. This method therefore is all rounded and hits on all the facets of human psychology problems which is quite advantageous.

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