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Integrative therapy includes a term that is commonly utilized to refer to integrative psychotherapy, where different therapeutic methods are utilized to address an individual’s psychological problems. This term also may reference integrative approaches to medicine, bodywork, and physical therapy. Center integrative medicine practitioners offering integrative therapy possess a wide array of knowledge to draw on that typically requires a lot of training.

Concept of Integrative Therapy

The key concept behind this therapy is that every individual person is distinctive and unique, meaning that a one-size-fits-all approach toward therapy won’t be efficient, whether that therapy is meant to assist someone in recovering physically from an auto accident, or emotionally from traumatic events. Practitioners using integrative therapy may create a program at a center for integrative medicine specifically designed for an individual’s unique requirements, addressing peculiarities of an individual’s situation and personality instead of offering generic treatment that might be less helpful.

Techniques Used in Integrative Therapy

With integrative psychotherapy, any combination of methods may be used, and range from group therapy to Freudian psychoanalysis. Psychotherapy includes a very diverse and vast field, with most approaches to treatment and different schools of thought. Integrative therapy is made to draw from the most appropriate approaches for an individual, with the therapist incorporating elements of different approaches which she or he thinks are beneficial. For instance, a therapist may use group therapy and art therapy with a youngster, using art to get a child talking and engaged, and group therapy to offer support from peers for a youngster.

Physical therapy may also involve integrative approaches. Integrative physical therapy might involve reliance upon traditional physical therapy techniques like occupational therapy and weight training techniques, alongside less conventional approaches, such as bodywork to tone the muscles, or acupuncture to eliminate tension. Because everyone is different, incorporating several methods into a physical therapy plan may be beneficial for an individual.

Bodywork might be integrative in nature, with the practitioner utilizing multiple methods over the course of one session, like the following to address various issues:

  • shiatsu
  • reflexology
  • traditional Swedish massage

Most schools of bodywork provide courses in a broad array of modalities that permit practitioners to gain a broad skill set that may be utilized in integrative bodywork, or concentrate on certain areas of interest, depending upon the practitioner’s taste.

Integrative medicine, additionally called integrative therapy, uses both alternative and conventional approaches to wellness and health, with the objective of promoting health inside the entire body.

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