Friday, September 25, 2020

The medical world has embraced the use of therapy as an alternative healing method. Therapy has been seen to be an affordable way of treatment and a solution for those who do not like taking medicine or whose bodies are resistant to medicine. There are different forms of therapy in use today. However, our focus is on integrated therapies. Integrated therapies are the use of therapeutic elements to create a cohesive and whole treatment plan. In integrative therapy, alternative and mainstream therapies are combined to heal all the areas in a person’s life.

What Are the Benefits of Integrated Therapy?

  • Pain Reduction. By the use of acupuncture and cupping, integrated therapy helps in reducing general body pain. A few sessions are enough to rid you off the body pains and make work and general duties a great experience.
  • Blood Pressure is significantly lowered. Integrated therapy has been known to help patients who suffer from high blood pressure and other related diseases. By enjoying the milk thistle extract benefits patients can feel the difference almost immediately after the sessions.
  • Promotes better sleep. Those who suffer from sleep problems are recommended to use integrated therapy instead of sleeping pills. Their sleep patterns are improved and this boosts their general and mental health.
  • Efficiently manages and reduces stress. The Neurofeedback therapy adhd is used to help in the reduction and management of stress. The therapy has been successful and eliminates the use of medicine which most people tend to be addicted to.
  • The memory is enhanced. People who suffer memory losses and are unable to retain information in their brain can use Integrative therapy. It helps you maintain focus and helps the brain retain information that is useful in the class or work setting.

The Elements of integrated therapies

The wellness of the social, mental, physical, spiritual and emotional life areas are promoted by the use of integrated therapies. Patients are able to overcome the habitual negative behaviors and are able to move towards most favorable health. The medical practitioners and patients from a bond which enables them to be partners in the healing process. This enables all factors that influence the general health including the body, mind, spirit, environment and community to be taken into consideration. Integrated therapies are controlled around a team model which is interdisciplinary and recognizes and respects the efforts and contribution of the different practitioners in different areas.

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