Monday, September 21, 2020

Every person feels stress at some points in their lives, and some more than others. The word “stress” is a word so common in our daily lives – not to mention the feeling. People are starting to wonder if more stress is a result of our modern working lifestyles, or if we have just become more aware that we all feel stress and that it’s normal and acceptable. Stress falls back to the first few mentions in the 14th centuries. In fact, before the 18th century, it wasn’t given much attention at that time. Side effects of stem cell therapy can add to stress. People started noticing stress when hardships overcame them, or when the overwhelming feeling of love and loss overcame them.

Stress Documentation

At this time, these were starting to be documented in works of art of various mediums. So how did they manage? Vitamin C IV benefits surely didn’t help stress? How did they deal with stress? Well, not lightly. Overwhelming bouts of stress that could have actually been forms of anxiety were treated like illnesses, and patients were locked away in asylums. To manage stress naturally, patients sought the help of chemists and alchemists, and often natural herbal practitioners who often came in the form of monks or healing mean. IV glutathione side effects can include stress.Overwhelming bouts of stress, anxiety, were looked at as mental illnesses that could not be cured. People had to be very careful not to show their stress outwardly.

In these times, this is how they treated stress:

  • Natural healing, including prayer or meditation
  • Herbal healing, in which they were given herbs to help reduce anxiety
  • Religious healing, healing through methods of religion including baptism or exorcism for the extremely anxiety ridden individuals

Modern Stress

Stress levels in modern times are higher than ever. To a point where the suicide rate in China is growing every day, among young people stressed by too much work and too little pay. Is this lifestyle really worth it? In first world countries, the major problem is paid slavery – or rather, regular jobs. Regular jobs are hardly enough to pay the bills, and the hours worked have doubled since the 1970’s. A corporate mindset and busy schedule has taken over every individual, giving their minds a focus only over how much time they have. There are many methods to improve this stress.

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