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Integrative therapy involves the section of a range of techniques across different orientations. This is to make a mix of the most suitable strategies depending on the patient’s situation. It is built on the concept of customizing treatments. This way, effectiveness of treatments is enhanced. Integrative therapy seeks to identify the person’s state of health before an illness and restore it as was. This method of treatment is as a result of liberalism. Its practitioners do not get satisfaction from just one medicine orientation. They seek to explore techniques from all across the board and find the best fit depending on the situation at hand. Integrative medicine in Miami can be accessed at any of the integrative medical centers. It will mostly entail the use of both alternative medicine Miami or holistic medicine Miami and conventional western medicine.

Advantages of Integrative Therapy

• Flexibility
Integrative therapy is very flexible. Different combinations are made to fit different patients. It can be adjusted to accommodate various techniques to suit the person and situation at hand.

• Effectiveness
Integrative therapy includes considering a wide range of treatments and selecting the best. For this reason, there are very high chances of selecting a combination that would lead to better health results than holistic or conventional medicine alone would achieve. Additionally, this medicine is considered to be very effective in the treatment unhealthy behavioral patterns. In so doing, it helps prevent or treat stress, anxiety, addictions, trauma, low self-esteem issues and depression.

• All-rounded
Integrative therapy is all-rounded. It helps to enhance all the human functioning dimensions, that is, cognitive, physiological, behavioral and affective. This is beneficial in the suppression of symptoms in children suffering from conditions such autism, Attention deficiency syndrome and other difficulties in learning.


There are several things that anyone considering integrative therapy should understand. First, this therapy is very expensive in terms of time and money. Time, because it explores a variety of techniques over time. Money, because, some of the techniques used in this treatment may not be covered by insurance. Particularly, holistic techniques that are not evidence-based. Therefore, if you are looking for a fast solution to your illness, this might not be the best option for. Also, if you are going for this medicine it is important to expect that some alternative methods will be used. Therefore, you should be open-minded to all choices.

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