Monday, September 21, 2020

Integrated therapies are a combination between natural and conventional (modern) therapies. The combination of the beliefs of modern and holistic medicine. Integrative medicine is the approach that many doctors take when natural medicine cannot react quickly enough, but can surely do good. So doctors treat time sensitive conditions with modern medicine and conditions that allow time for healing, with natural or holistic medicine and treatments. Integrative medicine is a popular and helpful. Chelation treatment is one popular option. Plasma rich platelets are a result of therapy as well. Myers cocktail side effects are the result of a treatment known as Myers cocktail, which is often a treatment integrated with modern therapies.

Focusing on Wellness

Full health focuses on mind, body, and spirit, unlike with modern medicine, integrative medicine holds the same beliefs as natural medicine, with the benefits of modern science incorporated. A few integrated therapies are actually holistic therapies that can be used at the same time as conventional treatments. Such as meditation and yoga classes for a cancer patient undergoing radiation. Hypnotherapy is another therapy used to quit smoking, and also to lose weight, and any other things in which we put our mind over matter. Positive thinking and meditation courses can also be used for patients who are suffering from chronic illnesses, and especially fatal diseases. In these cases, mindfulness can contribute the patient’s confidence and overall success of the conventional treatment.
A few treatments can include:
Meditation (Self or Group)
Lymph Drainage and more

Integrated Therapies Abound

Integrated therapies are great for patients who have to focus on healing themselves, while their doctors focus on healing them. With the patience and motivation of patients, and especially the confidence, patients can heal at a faster rate, and chances of overcoming the illness or disease are more likely. Conditions are treated on an individual basis, depending on the needs of the patient and the recommendation of the integrative medicine doctor. Ask your doctor if certain therapies are right for you. If you would like to find an integrative doctor, search for your local holistic medical center to check your options. Integrative medicine is not for everyone, but it could very well contribute to your wellness!

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