Friday, September 18, 2020

Integrative medicine is treatment or healing process that combines both the alternative and modern treatment approaches for quick recovery of patients. This type of treatment does not let any illness to chance by exploring all the possible causes and providing the right treatment.
Great patient-doctor relationship, use of correct therapeutic approaches, focusing on all aspects of the patient, and use of highly qualified personnel to perform the integrated therapy on patients are a few of the notable strong pillars that make integrative medicine stand out. Even though convectional medicine dominates United States of America, we should encourage its coexistence with healing traditions to ensure patients get the best treatment ever.
However, it is worth knowing that even though many of the healing traditions did not originate from western culture, they still play a significant role in human health recovery. Below are some of the advantages of Integrative medicine.

Patient-Physician Close Partnership

The physicians or medics in integrative medicine field always have a one on one attention with their patients as opposed to practitioners in traditional or convectional medicine. What makes this possible is the fact that integrative medicine doctors have a distinct philosophy in carrying out their duties and their fee structures.
When one walks into the traditional hospitals, you will probably find a full waiting room and this makes the doctors to spend very little time with a particular patient hence not knowing much that can adequately help. Insurance companies also pressure the practitioners in the traditional medical field set-up thus limiting time for doctor patient close partnership. Below are some of the principles of integrative medicine:

  • Modeling the practitioners to spearhead good health and healing to the patients.
  • Recognition that perfect and quality medicine relies on scientific evidence and facts and are subject to change
  • Encourage constant use of less-invasive interventions whenever possible
  • Not to accept or reject of alternative or convectional medicine philosophy unless proven otherwise

Focusing more on disease prevention

It is true that prevention is better than cure since it uses very little resources, time, and effort. Many integrative medicine centers provide information on preventing a disease as part of their program on top of perfect patient treatment and care.
The personnel always insist on regular checkup patient visits where they inform the patient on what diet to take and even exercise to bar opportunistic diseases from getting into their bodies as opposed to other practitioners who major on curing than prevention.

Whole –person treatments

The integrative medicine practitioners view disease as part of the patient .When they start treatment they insist on overall body care as opposed to other doctors who only focus on that particular disease. They examine mental, spiritual, social and emotional health of the patients as these are core aspects in overall human growth, development and health living.
The integrative medicine also recognizes that the lifestyle that an individual lead can also affect his or her health and therefore examine it and advice accordingly.

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