Friday, September 18, 2020

Anyone who suffers from arthritic knee pain is aware of how frustrating it can be to have limited solutions regarding ways to ease their discomfort. Most of the time patients are sent home with a prescription for pain medication that unfortunately induces sleepiness, along with a possible future of physical therapy, steroid injections and/or knee surgery. Individuals who have suffered for years usually had not alternatives however now with the development of stem cell injections, a patient such as this may have more hope.

The Facts

Although drugs such as cortisone provide some relief, stem cell knee injections rebuild damaged tissue as it gives relief of pain. The unique growth factors found in stems cells regenerate cells in a body that have deteriorated. The individual benefits further as their pain is eased and mobility is improved due to the ability to lubricate joints from the stem cell injection’s hyaluronic acid. Here are some more facts:

  • No Downtime
  • The thought of having the ability to heal “on your own” is a great advantage of this procedure.
  • Recovery is faster and easier.
  • Usually stem cell injections are very successful.
  • There are far less complications and there are no weeks of downtime to recover, usually patients can move about in 24 hours.
  • Most procedures such as this are done at an outpatient surgical center.

What Is This All About?

The procedure is done by physicians using a needle to remove bone marrow from the top of a hip bone. This is then sent to the lab so a small layer of stem cells can be removed, in order to unite them with the individual’s blood cells known as platelets. After these are reinserted in the individual, the stem cells transform into new tissue where it will relieve pain and restore mobility. The needle seats the stem cells in the specific area in which tissue damage has occurred.

Usually stem cell injections for arthritis are often done on knee areas, however they can also be done for painful shoulders, spine, hips and ankles. Individuals normally notice significant improvement in about three months. Patients suffering from any kind of joint, tendon, or ligament pain may be considered as candidates for stem cell therapy. Since stem cell treatment is very safe, it can be repeated in the joint if necessary to obtain optimal results. Also, having treatment with stem cells would not make a person ineligible for surgery.

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