Sunday, September 27, 2020

A health craze involving the intravenous use of hydrogen peroxide started many years ago in the 1800’s. Many thought that since hydrogen peroxide can kill germs and bacteria on contact for external wounds then it might be suitable internally as well. Over the years, research continued in hopes that this inexpensive liquid could be the next cancer and infectious diseases cure. Patients lined up for a hydrogen peroxide infusion intravenously. Unfortunately, there are many hydrogen peroxide iv therapy side effects that can occur when given this treatment. They can include:

  • inflammation of the veins
  • flu like symptoms (fever, chills, general malaise)
  • death

Is it Safe?

The above mentioned side effects are enough to have people second guessing the safety of this treatment. People in desperation over a cancer diagnosis or severe infection often resort to getting this treatment due to media hype claiming that increased oxygen levels within the body can destroy cancer cells. Hydrogen peroxide does temporarily increase oxygen, but it is not sustained which leads to people coming back again and again to have it done. The intravenous treatments take about an hour and a half because it takes time for the chemical reaction of increasing oxygen within the blood stream to occur. The length of time and amount of the treatments has some doctors concerned that it is being used as a money making gimmick to keep people coming back.

Does it Work?

With all of the potential side effects, many people want to know whether or not it is worth the risk. There are some medical professionals that believe that if the treatment is done correctly under a doctor’s care then it is a safe as most other treatments for a patient’s health. There are studies done showing it has the possibility of being a cure for AID’s and some kinds of cancers. Claims concerning the treatment’s ability to clear up skin and detoxify the body have also been made. People are drinking it, bathing in it and inserting it in to their bodies because of vast amounts of false information being given out. Most health professionals agree that though it has potential, more research still needs to be done.

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