Thursday, October 1, 2020

Hydrogen Peroxide has many uses, including a house cleaning aid, a beauty aid, hair lightener, and first aid. Now there’s Hydrogen peroxide therapy. Health care professionals were impressed by this little miracle treatment that mothers have used for years to treat scraped knees and elbows. Hydrogen Peroxide treatment has been taken to the next step. Medical professionals are using a diluted version of this peroxide in intravenous as another way to treat cancerous tumors. The medical team of Dr. Charles Farr and Dr. Gordon Josephs introduced the idea of using this treatment through IV at the 1989 International Conference of Bio-oxidative Medicine. Usually, this type of treatment only lasts an hour. It can be inserted through the ear, rectum, nose, or vaginally into a woman. How often this treatment is done, depends on the individual.

Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide IV Treatment

Hydrogen peroxide has been known to the medical profession since the 1960s. Test were done at Baylor University, showing that this liquid can dissolve plaque in arteries. This miracle drug can help clear the lungs of emphysema and asthma patients. In Miami, there are clinics that specialize in holistic medicine. These medical professionals specialize in hydrogen peroxide treatment. In the wrong hands, this type of alternative treatment can be deadly. On the other hand, the benefits are fantastic:

  • Works as a pain killer
  • Detoxes foreign matter from the body
  • Helps the body heal itself
  • Great for treating illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, aging, etc.

The Downside of Hydrogen Peroxide IV

There are hydrogen peroxide IV therapy side effects It’s important to find a responsible medical person who will give the precise dosage in the intravenous mixture because hydrogen peroxide can be lethal if it enters the bloodstream. It can be very toxic if it comes in contact with with healthy, living tissues, causing destruction of good tissues. Ten years ago, a longevity physician from Columbia, SC had given this IV treatment to a patient of his. It was chemical hydrogen peroxide that was supposed to be used for cleaning cuts. The patient was complaining of nausea, leg pain, and other bruises. A short time after the IV therapy, she died. Hydrogen peroxide therapy taken as an enema can expand the strength of the medication and be hazardous. Taking vitamins before treatment can counteract the effect of the peroxide drug’s effectiveness.

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