Sunday, September 27, 2020

The discovery of hydrogen peroxide has saved many lives. Made up of water and oxygen, it can kill diseases on contact. Although it is produced in factories and sold for medical purposes, it is also made inside out bodies naturally. A sub class of white blood cells that are called Neutrophils can instantly create peroxide as soon as they detect any foreign virus or bacteria in the body. It was previously given to pneumonia patients intravenously before anyone knew what antibiotics were. Because it can oxygenate so effectively, some people still use it intravenously for diseases and infections that they are having trouble fighting off.

Side Effects

On rare occasions, patients that can’t afford proper treatment from doctors in the hospital try to do the treatments themselves or get them from someone who is not a licensed professional. This is dangerous because the risk of serious side effects increase significantly this way. Hydrogen peroxide is given a few times a week for about two hours each time. It is the time span of being exposed to that much hydrogen peroxide that usually causes the most significant reactions. Some of the hydrogen peroxide iv therapy side effects that can happen include:

  • Redness at the site of injection
  • Swelling and pain
  • Death


The benefits that hydrogen provide are numerous. It is a safe sanitizer that can kill germs on contact. Soaking in a tub of water with hydrogen peroxide detoxifies the body and helps heal any wounds on the skin. It is so safe that fruits and vegetables can be sprayed with a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide to clean them before eating. Serious illnesses often require additional health therapies along with the hydrogen peroxide treatment. Gerovital injections which some claim help with cancer are sometimes given. There is a lot of debate as far as the safety of these injections because they can cause systemic lupus. Though many say Gerovital has anti-aging side effects, it has not been proven so far. Milk thistle is a more trusted option. It has been used for many years with no serious side effects. The benefits of milk thistle are numerous. It can cleanse the blood, repair damaged livers, increase milk production and stop the growth of cancer cells.

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