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Hydrogen peroxide, also known chemically as H202 , is available in many forms. The concentration of the chemical determines whether it is categorized as food grade, household, or electrical grade. This wonderful liquid is chemically comprised of two oxygen atoms and two hydrogen atoms. This chemical arrangement makes the substance extremely reactive and , therefore, highly oxidizing. The oxidizing characteristic is the key to hydrogen peroxide therapy benefits. Regardless of the concentration and grade, hydrogen peroxide is simply oxygen and water combined in a unique ratio to form very beneficial human tool.

Hydrogen Peroxide-How It Works and Uses

The simplicity of hydrogen peroxide is part of it’s appeal as an effective home therapy. Being comprised of only two natural elements, hydrogen peroxide easily, safely and effectively addresses health issues. Being similar in action to ozone, hydrogen peroxide specifically treats illnesses and harmful organisms by simple oxidation action.
H2O2 reacts and breaks down organic material into elemental water and oxygen. The addition of oxygen in the human body is beneficial to health and creates a hostile environment for many harmful substances to survive. The simple action of of oxidation increases the body’s ability to heal itself and maintain peak health.
The uses for hydrogen peroxide are wide, but some of the more popular health therapy uses are as follows:

  • Toothaches
  • Detox
  • Sinus Infection
  • Wounds
  • Cancer
  • Parasites

H2O2 Administration And Side Effects

Common forms of administration for H2O2 are topical, inhalation therapy, and IV therapy. Appropriate dosages of up to 4 drops per 8-ounce glass of distilled water have been recommended by advocates of hydrogen peroxide therapy. Extreme care must be taken when using hydrogen peroxide as a therapy. Food grade hydrogen peroxide contains 35% H2O2 by volume. When taken internally, Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy side effects can include serious gastrointestinal distress and damage. When aspirated or inhaled, food grade hydrogen peroxide can cause spasms of the vocal cords and airway breathing difficulty. Hydrogen Peroxide IV Therapy side effects can include
inflammation of the blood vessel at the injection site, gas embolisms in the blood vessels and dangerous allergic reactions. Always take care and consult with your health care practitioner before beginning any health therapy.

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