Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Hydrogen Peroxide was first discovered by Louis Jacques Thenard in 1818 while he was attempting to create barium peroxide. When he submerged the barium peroxide in water he discovered it became hydrogen peroxide. He continued to improve on his method and it became the most commonly used method until the mid-twentieth century. In 1888 the American Medical Association recognized that the presence of peroxide in rainwater was the earth’s way of sterilizing itself. It then became an application to sterilize items within the pharmaceutical industry. Pure hydrogen peroxide was developed as rocket fuel and is still used for that purpose today; however, its use as a medicine is of much more interest today.

How Hydrogen Peroxide Promotes Cell Health

Hydrogen Peroxide, the same acid people use to disinfect and treat cuts can also keep the cells in the body healthy. Healthcare providers, after seeing the positive effects of hydrogen peroxide externally began to apply it internally. It has been shown to have positive effects on conditions such as; sclerosis, arthritis and asthma. Hydrogen Peroxide iv therapy is an alternative medicine and has gained popularity as the body naturally produces this to combat infection. Once the IV is inserted into the patient, it will flow through the circulatory system in about a ninety minute process. Hydrogen Peroxide iv therapy side effects are:

Dangers of Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Treatments of Hydrogen Peroxide typically last an hour and a half, and can vary in how often a person may request them. Some people want them only once, while others request them five days a week. This therapy has shown positive results in killing; bacteria, viruses,fungi, parasites and has also shown success in destroying certain tumors. There are also certain hydrogen peroxide therapy side effects with the method of delivering it intravenously. Using the IV method there is the risk of creating a gas embolism which could result in a stroke. It can also lead to the production of free radicals that could aid in the development of the disease. Some medical professionals state that delivering hydrogen peroxide through the veins can damage the vein. Although there is some argument this side effect only occurs when therapy is not performed correctly.

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