Sunday, September 20, 2020

Patients undergoing chemotherapy for cancer often hit a road block in their path to healing and recovery because of its damaging effects to the body. Often, it does more harm than good. That it is why many people have begun turning to alternative cancer treatment therapies in hopes that they might be better. Not all of them work though, so it is important that anyone considering them do some research before trying them. This article will discuss three of the most common alternative cancer treatment therapies and some facts about their safety and effectiveness.

Don’t Get Scammed

In an effort to take advantage of cancer patients who are desperate to get better, there are many supposed “cancer cures” being offered at high prices. Few of them actually work, so insurance companies generally do not cover them. This means that anyone who wants to try them has to pay for them directly out of their pocket, which often drains personal savings accounts fast. The scary part is that most alternative treatment centers often do not have licensed medical physicians as part of their staff, so if anything goes wrong, there is little help available for the patient. Sometimes, they die because of this. Three of the alternative cancer therapies used the most include:

Safety and Effectiveness

Ozone therapy involves injecting ozonized water into the blood stream in an effort to supposedly sanitize the blood and cure ailments. It is extremely dangerous though and has lead to people getting very sick. In one case a woman became so ill after her treatment with it that she passed out and died. Sadly, this wasn’t the only death that occurred from it. Stem cell side effects are just as dangerous because the injection of them in to the body can actually cause cancer in those who don’t already have it or make someone who does even more sick. Milk thistle extract benefits are actually promising when it comes to possibly helping cancer patients. Studies have proven that this extract can actually slow down and even completely stop cancer cells from multiplying. In some cases, the extract could shrink cancerous tumors or make them disappear. Out of all three of these treatment options it is the cheapest and most effective. Milk thistle extract is sold in a multitude of stores for a very low price, so this treatment can often be done at home.

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