Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the world’s best natural sanitizers, and if you open almost any medicine cabinet in America you will probably find a bottle of it. This chemical has many common uses in the everyday home; from first aid wound treatment, to mouth wash, to parasite killer and even a cleaning product. For advanced medical purposes hydrogen peroxide is being used to fight serious diseases, such as cancer and AIDs, by being used with platelet rich plasma prp injectionsstem cells treatment, and chelation therapy. This “wonder” chemical seems to be vastly utilized. But the question is how does hydrogen peroxide do all these things? How does it work?

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can be naturally found in the body when it is fighting an infection. The body uses special cells, called phagocytes, to kill the pathogens. These phagocytes engulf the pathogen and destroy them, using hydrogen peroxide to create an oxygen rich environment in which the pathogen can’t survive. Hydrogen peroxide also directly affects white blood cells, causing them to increase. Many scientists and doctors are trying to mimic this natural process to fight diseases.
Hydrogen peroxide is any even better oxidizer than chlorine, oxidizing is simply the process of a chemical being able to remove an electron from another chemical. While this makes it a:

  • broad spectrum killer of viruses and bacteria
  • it can also damage good cells
  • kill good bacteria

Hydrogen peroxide also breaks down into water and oxygen and does this at a very fast rate with certain catalase such as body fluids. This is a problem when it is used in chelation therapy or injecting hydrogen peroxide into the blood stream. Some chelation therapy side effects include, but aren’t limited to; strokeheart failure, respiratory distress, and even death.


Hydrogen peroxide is an amazing chemical, which is able to help sanitize and heal. This chemical can be found naturally occurring in our bodies, but phagocytes protect healthy cells from coming into direct contact with this chemical. The bottle of hydrogen peroxide in out medicine cabinets isn’t pure, it has been diluted down to be safe, and less caustic. From the medicine cabinet to the medical field, this oxidizing chemical can be beneficial to humans, but can also be detrimental if not used properly.

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