Friday, December 4, 2020

It is considered as one of the safest items to carry in your medicine chest, in fact, there are very few households that don’t have a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide in their home. The benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide continue to baffle users as they are introduced to new and ingenious options for using their favorite solution. With only 3 percent of the active ingredient in each bottle with the rest consisting of basic H20, one wonders how Hydrogen Peroxide could be in such high demand. There are countless benefits to using peroxide, not the least of which is sterilization. This amazing product is also fed to humans intravenously and here are a few reasons why.

Oxygen Booster

Considered as an alternative treatment for a variety of ailments ranging all the way up to cancer, hydrogen peroxide intravenous therapy may not be familiar to some people. The process includes a session lasting for just under ninety minutes. With an IV drip and 3% hydrogen peroxide, the patient is introduced to additional quantities of oxygen. This oxygen helps the body fight off bacteria and viruses. Additional oxygen through hydrogen peroxide will help it to produce extra white blood cells. Other areas for improvement include making it easier to break down cholesterol in the body and sending it along its way to be disposed of.

There are many benefits that can be achieved through hydrogen peroxide therapy, here are just a few of then.

● Infections that are viral in nature.

● Dealing with chronic pain.

● Infectious diseases of any kind.

● Diseases that address the heart and blood vessels.

● Headaches initiated through vascular and cluster conditions.

Things To Consider

The list of benefits being championed through hydrogen iv therapy is reasonably long. Like most medications being administered today, there are just a few hydrogen peroxide iv therapy side effects to think about. Sensations that include feeling a shortness of breath have been reported by a few patients. These don’t usually occur until the IV has been operational for a while. Alternatively, the body will be faced with a die-off or Herxheimer reaction. This is a good thing and will generally be triggered as unwanted infections are killed during the treatment. IV sensitivity may not affect everyone. However, some procedures end up with inflammation in the vein. There may be some discomfort or even some pain at the affected site. This problem can be corrected by simply relocating the IV to another site.

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