Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Hydrogen peroxide is a common household product that has been used for many years for many different purposes. It whitens your laundry, it whitens your teeth, and fights gum disease,and it kills bacteria on wounds. This is just the common uses for this common household product, studies have now shown that hydrogen peroxide actually helps fight viruses, yeast infections, and kills different types of parasites including cancerous cells.

Today, hydrogen peroxide is being used to treat a variety of different aliments that were once treated with antibiotics. Sinus infections, the common cold & flu, as well as other health aliments are now being treated with hydrogen peroxide iv therapy. How safe is it, and what kind of side effect are associated with getting hydrogen peroxide administrated intravenously?

Is It Safe?

The hydrogen peroxide therapy is used by trained physicians to treat illness like sinus infections, the common cold & flu, and even cancer. An hydrogen peroxide infusion should only be preformed by a trained physician, because hydrogen peroxide is injected through your veins by using an iv drip. Yes, you have read that correctly, it is intravenously injected into your blood stream. Can it cause harm?

Well, the procedure is really very simple, it involves slowly administering a combination of chemicals over a period of ninety to hundred and twenty minutes intravenously into the patient veins. Hydrogen peroxide therapy when done by a trained physician is deemed to be safe, effective and a very comfortable procedure for the patient.

However, many physicians do not have the right training or really know the proper protocols to use when administrating hydrogen peroxide into your veins. Having a untrained physician preform an hydrogen peroxide therapy can be very dangerous! Here’s a list of what can go wrong when hydrogen peroxide is administrated incorrectly:

  • Sudden death
  • Vein damage
  • Stroke
  • A gas bubble that travels to the brain
  • Heart attack

Therefore, do your research, and make sure that the physician that is going to preform type of procedure is trained, and knowledgeable. Hydrogen peroxide therapy can save your life if done correctly. However, hydrogen peroxide iv therapy side effects can include a variety of different symptoms, which are listed below;

Possible Side Effects

  • A fizzy sensation in your chest
  • A feeling of floating
  • Improved skin color
  • Easier breathing
  • Mental clarity
  • Slight naseau

Therefore, if your health is causing your quality of life to be a bit shallow, and your physician has told you to get your affairs in order. What real damage can hydrogen peroxide therapy do, but give you the hope, that one seeks when everything seems so beak!

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