Wednesday, September 23, 2020

If you have suffered from dehydration, then you need to consider rehydration therapy for your treatment. Rehydration therapy comes in many forms, the most common being Oral Rehydration. Oral rehydration is the most common form of rehydration therapies. This therapy is a type of fluid replacement that can be used in ways to prevent and/or treat dehydration. This dehydration is usually due to diarrhea. Oral rehydration involves drinking a lot of water with small amounts of salts or sugar added. You also continue to eat during this process.

Exploring Further

Zinc is also included in the routine therapies for oral rehydration. If vomiting starts to happen, the World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that you pause 5-10 minutes before restarting the solution. This time around, the solution should be given more slowly. When becoming dehydrated, it’s important to make sure you handle it seriously. Becoming dehydrated isn’t something to play around with. Below are some things you should look into:


Oral rehydration has done a tremendous job of decreasing the death of human beings. These deaths have been caused by dehydration in diarrheal illness. Some of these illnesses include cholera epidemics and in children. Oral rehydration is said to be less invasive than any other forms of rehydration. The degree of your dehydration should be assessed before you can start oral rehydration. If signs of dehydration do not go away, you need discontinue oral rehydration and begin to start an intravenous approach to rehydrating yourself. An intravenous approach is more invasive, but also a very good option.

Dehydration in Children

You should never underestimate the damage that dehydration can have on children. Careful management needs to be taken to make sure that a dehydrated child is treated properly. After treatment, children should begin to be able to eat within 2-3 hours. For severe cases of dehydration, a hospital can give proper antibiotics. No matter what form of rehydration therapy you use, it is important to remember to take dehydration very seriously. Many people have died from dehydration. That is why such things as rehydration therapies are now available!

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