Friday, September 18, 2020

Once in a while we would go to the doctor and they would remedy our situations using rehydration therapy. We would feel well sometimes afterwards but the question of what rehydration therapy works and how it helps has always escaped our minds. Tis article seeks to take you through the basics of rehydration therapy and the methods they employ during their course of tackling an health condition. In general terms, rehydration therapy seeks to rehydrate the body against too much loss of water. It forms the main way in which cholera is treated. Such illness might be fatal and they are rehydrated through for example oral rehydration salts where rehydration is done through the mouth.
What are some of the methods of rehydration therapy?
The following are some of the therapies that branches out of the root rehydration therapy:

PRP therapy

This is an acronym tat stands for platelet rich plasma therapy. Prp injection therapy involves the drawing of blood from the system of a patients and then through a process called centrifugation, platelet content is increased. The sample is the injected into the injured area of the patients. This is based on the ideology that platelet rich blood sample increases the success of the healing of an injury and reduces the pain one is feeling. This is normally employed in the sports arena to remedy injury on sportspeople.

Chelation therapy

Chelation therapy on the other hand is another form of therapy that seeks to treat heavy metal poisoning. Some practitioners believe that chelation therapies are used to treat conditions characterized by hardening of arteries. They reopen clogged arteries and make blood circulation easier. However, some of the side effects of chelation therapy include loose stools, diarrhea and nausea.

Glutathione injections therapy

This is often applicable to people who seek to have their skin tones lightened. It tampers with the ligaments of the skin and the end result is a lighter skin. This procedure is very delicate and should be handled by a professional lest side effects take the better of the main therapy. Glutathione iv side effects include issues like triggering of asthma attacks on people with asthma.the following are sources of glutathione:
• Unprocessed meat
• Avocados
• spinach


Rehydration therapy therefore seeks to replenish the water lost in the body and they come in varying methods. The advisory note with these methods is that they should be done by professionals to avoid the side effects.

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