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Dehydration can be a serious problem for any person. When a person’s body becomes dehydrated they will probably experience dizziness, dry mouth, confusion and palpitations in their heart. If an individual begins to vomit, has a fever over 103 degrees or difficulty breathing they will need to seek immediate medical attention.
Once a person has been admitted to a hospital for cases involving dehydration they will usually be given an IV for rehydration. Keep in mind that most adults to do not require an IV for hydration. This process is mainly beneficial for young teens and children since they can quickly lose fluids out of their system when they are sick. Medical professionals who are responsible for administering IV’s for rehydration will sometimes add extra ingredients to the IV solution to give it a boost.

What Ingredients are Added to IV Solutions to Increase its Effectiveness?

Saline solutions typically include water and some salt and sugars. Water is needed to hydrate the body. Salt is used to replace electrolytes and sugar is added in various forms for increasing energy and adding calories. Doctors might add other ingredient such as Ringer’s Injection which is used to replace extracellular fluid loss. In some instances they might even use a Myers Cocktail IV to boost a person’s energy levels and to replace lost vital nutrients to their system. Remember that dehydration not only removes water from a person’s body it also sucks out essential nutrients and vitamins. Most medical professionals will also replace these lost body elements because they can help a person to recover at a quicker pace. The benefits of an elevated IV solution includes:

  • A strengthened system
  • Faster recovery period when experiencing dehydration
  • Replacing vital elements that were lost to dehydration back into a person’s body

Does IV Rehydration have any Side Effects?

Hydration therapy IV might have some side effects such as a collapsed vein or pain in the the injection site. In some cases a person’s blood does not receive the IV solution and it goes into their surrounding tissue instead. Even though there could be complications from this type of procedure that does not mean that it is not useful for hydrating the body. Rehydration therapy are the best option for hydrating a person again because the solution is put directly into the blood stream making it more effective than taking in a solution orally. Once people have this type of solution placed into their body their recovery time will be significantly reduced.

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