Friday, September 25, 2020

Hydration therapy uses an invasive approach to inject fluids, medication and other nutritional supplements into the bloodstream as a way of treating several complications related to dehydration or its effects. This therapy is administered by registered physicians and nurses who recommend the need for such an approach after diagnosing specific symptoms or conditions. Some of the conditions it can treat include hangovers, cold or flu, fatigue or jet lag, enhances athletic performance, health and beauty, and when administering Myers’ cocktail.


For health and beauty purposes, this approach is used to restore hydration to the human body. Chronic dehydration results into dry skin, skin blemishes, accelerated aging and wrinkles. Many spend hundreds of dollars on products just to keep their skin moisturized, but the truth is, facing this challenge from inside-out is the best way out. The essence of beauty is moisture, and this is where fluids plays a significant role. Custom-tailored hydration therapy IV is one of the modern treatments to overcome this challenge. In the case of hangovers, aches and nausea are as a result of dehydration or deficiency of certain vitamins. Taking high-sugar drinks will control the situation but certainly not treat the underlying symptoms. A combination of expedited IV hydration therapies with medication to treat pain and nausea reclaims the day. Conventional medicine dictates one should take plenty of fluids when suffering from flu or cold. This treatment comes a long way to significantly improve hydration levels beyond what natural drinking of fluids can offer. In addition, it also comes with high doses of Vitamin C and other antioxidants, which help to combat cold and flu.

Taking a Closer Look

Athletic performance needs more than just sports drinks and taking supplements. IV hydration treatment provides a competitive solution to an avid runner, and to those who love yoga or martial arts. This therapy is able to restore the client’s electrolyte balance with lesser time, and besides, it also comes with a pre-event hydration care plan that helps to avoid cramping or “hitting the wall.” Airline cabins are mostly not humidified, which means the passengers lose a lot of moisture. Combining that with poor nutrition just lowers the immune system, and it takes special therapy for travelers to recuperate from such. This treatment can reverse these effects. Myers’ cocktail is a set of ingredients given to patients to treat fatigue, acute asthma attacks, seasonal allergies, migraines and chronic sinusitis. These ingredients include:

This is integrated with Myers’ cocktail to treat such a variety of conditions.

The beauty in this therapy is that it does not have any side effects.

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