Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Lymphatic massage is a type of massage that was first used Germany to treat the accumulation of fluid that occurs after lymph nodes are taken out during a surgical procedure, usually after having a breast or breasts removed because of cancer. It is a new form of massage. Lymphedema could also be present at birth or a person may get it during adolescence or their adult years. It is called primary Lymphedema and it can affect up to four limbs and/or other parts of the body. No one knows what the cause is. It does come from having a lymphatic system that is not strong and people that have this illness can get: asthma, acne, headaches, swollen ankles, bronchitis, colds on a regular basis, and regular infections. This type of massage that I mentioned strengthens the lymphatic system and makes the people who have this condition less susceptible to the side effects of this condition.

Making The Most of Lymphatic Massage

Before a lymphatic drainage massage takes place, it is important to keep in mind that during this massage the body’s most powerful system of detoxification is going to be stimulated. There are instructions that need to be followed after the massage is complete. If they are not followed, then the person that received the massage may get ill after the procedure is over. The lymphatic system has a lot of duties that include: taking control of and counterbalancing toxins and wastes that are a result of eating, breathing in the air, and what goes on biologically every day in a body. It also houses and transport immune cells. Since the lymphatic system is so important, it is very important that it does not drain more quickly than it should. There are some tips that will make this procedure go over more smoothly. Check out these tips:

    • Do not eat or eat something light before the massage- This is essential because lymphatic drainage happens in the deep abdomen and organs.
    • Stay hydrated- Dehydration will hinder the detoxification process and may make the patient feel sick.
    • Avoid Alcohol And Drugs- Alcohol and recreational drugs should never be drank or used before and right after a lymphatic massage. The liver is responsible for detoxifying a lot of what the lymphatic system collects and if alcohol and/or drugs are used before or after the procedure, it can make the patient sick.

Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage also has quite a few benefits. It improves fluid circulation by reducing puffiness and swelling that is a result of fluid retention. It also detoxifies the system by eliminating the body’s waste products and improving its skin tone. The immune system also improves from lymphatic massage. After the lymph flow is stimulated, it boosts the immune system. If the stimulation happens properly, it will help the body deal better with stress, anxiety,depression, and insomnia. This massage also helps with chronic and ongoing pain. Another benefit is that it helps with weight by speeding up the metabolism and, therefore, calories are burned at a quicker rate.

Even though it is a new procedure, this type of massage has a lot of benefits and it does appear that it can help a lot of people. It is essential that the instructions for before and after the procedure are followed in order to help the procedure be most effective. If they are followed properly, then lymphatic massage can be very important and crucial to improving the health of people.

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