Sunday, September 27, 2020

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When the time comes for hormone replacement therapy, you want to go to a doctor with a proven track record of success. Here at Dayton Medical Center, you will find a different approach to patient care, then you traditionally see. The treatment received here, is specially targeted to individual needs and care. They understand here, that no two patients are exactly alike, with this understanding, comes a unique and refreshing approach to patient care. The first order of business is conducting tests to determine the best course of treatment for each patient. A person will receive lab test to properly determine what the person’s actual hormone level is.

This is very important, in determining the best course of treatment. The tests administered here, tell a story of what is needed. When the conclusion is made regarding what levels are, the hormones needed for a healthier level, are prepared for each patient, on an individual basis. Whether it’s bioidentical estrogens, progesterone, testosterone and or DHEA will be prepared specially for each person’s needs. The hormones needed for replacement, will be prepared at a registered and licensed pharmacy, by the pharmaceutical professionals partnered with Dr. Martin Dayton.

The doctor, personally monitors each patient under his care, to ensure that all hormone levels are now restored to normal. The key objective is to administer the lowest possible dosage, and restore the hormone levels to a level that offers maximum relief to all all patients in his care. Upon treatment patients hormone levels are very carefully monitored with hormone panels administered every three months. Upon accomplishing stabilized levels of hormones, the patients then are monitored on a yearly basis.

This is a much more holistic approach to restoring hormones to a healthy level, for a much healthier and productive lifestyle. Bioidentical hormones that are employed here, have the same molecular structure, that the human body actually naturally produces. In using this type of hormone, versus other more artificial ones, it’s a much more gentle less intrusive approach to hormone replacement. Artificial hormones, come with many unattractive side effects, and generally are just harsher on the body. Bioidentical hormones are teh hormone therapy of choice for leading healthcare professionals throughout Europe. They have chosen this more natural approach, after many years of research as to their effects on people who are undergoing this type of hormone therapy. This treatment has shown to have very stellar results, with patients giving this doctor and his extremely kind and caring staff very excellent reviews.

The staff understand, that only the best care, and most conscientious treatment will be appreciated by the patients. Patients at Dayton Medical are appraised of all their options regarding possible treatments. Only after careful review and concurrence by patient and doctor, is any treatment started. All concerns and questions are always addressed. Due diligence regarding the best options for the patient is always used, to make sure, that the patients needs are always considered. The staff is always available for any questions and or concerns.

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