Monday, September 21, 2020

One of the questions most asked about hormone therapy is if it’s right for them. Many times people are here about the aspects of hormone therapy, but are not certain that the results will justify the effort, or whether they would be side effects to undertaking any hormone therapy regime. Many times, people are encountering a new way that their body is reacting, and they are not sure if hormone therapy will subside these new elements, or whether other things will occur because of the treatment that they are taking.

In many cases, people that were doing these therapies change their tent, when certain studies revealed that there were actually more health risk associated with hormone therapy, especially when given to older women with postmenopausal symptoms. Over time, less and less doctors actually described hormone therapy. Now, such therapy is no longer recommended in most cases for disease prevention. Other remedies, such as acupuncture and moxibustion may be recommended for individuals instead of the more conventional hormone therapies. There also many other more homeopathic therapies available.

• Flaxseed
• Soy
• Primrose Oil
• Magnesium
• Natural Progesterone Cream

Milk Thistle as an Option For Hormone Therapy?

In many cases people have relied on milk thistle to relieve some of their concerns. Milk thistle has been widely touted in holistic circles, being considered a traditional Chinese medicine that can help the body disperse toxic materials in the body, and promote liver health, as well as treat diseases such as hepatitis, tarnish, and cirrhosis. In holistic circles, milk thistle is touted to help relieve the symptoms of certain cancers as well. Sometimes there are various potential milk thistle side effects, but for the most part, it is a viable option for other more invasive forms of hormone therapy.

Consider a Holistc Approach

The Center for Holistic Medicine can give you information regarding different types of natural path of hormone therapy, and can answer any questions that you may have regarding using more natural treatments for your condition. In any case, going with a more natural route is much safer for your body then undergoing a drug related hormone therapy for your body. In many cases, natural therapies actually get a symptom of the problem instead of masking the symptoms in a synthetic way. In most cases, holistic cures approaches are safer and in some cases actually work better than the standard therapies used for hormone therapy, and should lease be considered if you’re considering such treatments.

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