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Homeopathy is a traditional medicine that was created by Samuel Hahnemann. It is a form of treatment that seeks to restore the body balance and enhance physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Homeopathy is based on the belief that a substance which causes certain illness symptoms in a healthy person could be used to treat or subside similar symptoms in ill people. During this treatments certain substances with are diluted in distilled water or alcohol to make a very strong concentrate. Homeopathy is known to be effective in the treatment of psychological conditions, for example, depression and asthma.

Advantages of Homeopathy

  • Safe and non-toxic – Homeopathy is a safe in that it is not invasive to the body. Besides it has no long-term side effects. It is also a non-toxic therapy which leaves no toxins. Compared to other therapies, for example, glutathione therapy, homeopathy is totally safe even for children, pets and pregnant women.
  • Homeopathy is non-allergic and non-poisonous – The process of dilution in homeopathy helps to get rid of the whole molecules. This is important in eliminating allergens. Also, it uses natural substances rather than chemicals and is therefore non-poisonous.
  • Use with other therapies – Homeopathy is very popular for its use along other therapies. Homeopathy may be used alongside platelet rich plasma in the treatment of fractures. It may also be used with high dose of vitamin c therapy to maximally restore the body’s wellness.
  • Treatment of chronic diseases – Homeopathy is used as treatment for acute diseases. Apart from treating the illness it also helps treat its underlying source to ensure that the disease does not recur. This enhances the long term wellness.
  • Substitute to swallowing Tablets – Homeopathic remedies mostly come in tablets that dissolve in your mouth and therefore ease swallowing.


Homeopathy is a therapy for everyone. The age, gender and cost do not matter. Besides it is relatively cheap as compared to other therapies. Homeopathic remedies can also be purchased and kept in hand in case of seasonal illnesses. These remedies come in a wide a wide variety hence allowing you a choice based on you needs and preferences. Whether you are ill or not, you should try homeopathy today. Not only will it treat your illness it will also improve the quality of your life. At very small amounts of the remedy, you are assured of restored body balance.

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