Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Homeopathy, by definition, is a system of complementary (alternative) medicine in which ailments and illnesses are treated by minute doses of holistic and natural substances that – in much larger doses – would produce symptoms of the ailment. The idea of homeopathy is… that whatever causes your symptoms can also cure them. It can often be confused for natural or herbal medicine, which are very different things. By nature, vaccines run along the same principle: That a small amount of the virus (with dead cells) could help to prevent catching the actual virus. But it’s more along the lines of exposing you to the virus so you are more immune to it.

A Recipe For Wellness

Myers cocktail ingredients are a fusion of vitamins, minerals, and other essentials, mixed with water. This mixture is injected into patients through an IV. The process can take up to 30 minutes total. If you begin to notice symptoms, ask the doctor or nurse to slow the drip of the IV and warn them of your symptoms. Low dose chemo therapy in cancer patients can still drain them of their essentials. It’s important to pair conventional therapies with natural therapies. This process is known as integrated medicine, and is extremely beneficial to patients who don’t have the option to use purely natural medicine.

It’s best to blend these therapies:

Another Helpful Therapy

IV Chelation is another beneficial therapy, that unlike homeopathy, makes sense! Remedies are extremely helpful and natural and injected directly into the patient, through an IV. All therapies can be beneficial, depending on your needs and your doctor’s recommendations. Ask your doctor if Chelation therapy is right for you. For more details on homeopathy and natural therapies, visit your local holistic center. If you have a certain condition, talk to your doctor to see if natural treatment is best for you. Be careful of allergies when trying herbal medicine for the first time. Always ask your doctor first. If you have no known allergies, try a small dose of the herbal medicine first to note if there is any negative reaction.

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