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Holistic healing is as popular as, yet fundamentally different from, traditional healing methods. Traditional medicine will focus on the person after an affliction or ailment occurs, whereas holistic healing will focus on the person as a whole. There is a desire to help the person physically, emotionally, and sometimes spiritually. There are three ways to use holistic practices:

-Integrative practice utilizes the use of both traditional medicine and holistic healing methods.
Complementary practice allows the use of traditional medicine in addition to natural healing methods.
Alternative medicine practice uses holistic healing instead of traditional methods

So what exactly is holistic healing? It is the perfect union of art mixed in with science. The science is based on studies and statistics, while the art of holistic healing is in the spiritual talent of the holistic doctor. In order to help a patient, the healer will do a comprehensive analysis of several factors:


There is a special relationship between a patient and a holistic doctor. The ultimate goal is to assess the ‘why’ of an ailment as well as how to heal. It is to the benefit of the patient to participate openly during the treatment, while also being educated.

Diagnosis and treatment comes in numerous forms, but the primary treatment will help educate about self-care and lifestyle changes. One of the core beliefs is that there is limitless energy flowing through our bodies known as life force. With this in mind, it’s also believed that if one or more parts of the body or brain is affected, it can affect us as a whole unit. Many times we keep inside feelings of stress, shame, depression, grief and hostility. This is bringing negative energy inside which feeds disease. This is combated with the power of hope and love by the holistic doctors. Ultimately the goal is to gain proper uniform balance inside and out.

Some of the more well-known practices are as follows:


Traditional Chinese medicine has given us acupuncture, and is believed to boost the natural painkillers in the body, while increasing blood flow. Out of the 500 points on the body, 100 are typically used strategically along meridians. This holistic medical treatment is mainly used for pain, and is based on the Chi principle of life force.


Dr. Mikao Usui is known to have meditated for 21 days on a mountain top in Japan. It was there that a spiritual vision came to him on universal energy. We all have the ability to harmonize our own energy with that of the earths’ vibrations. Healers often conform to a certain lifestyle to remain “pure,” so that they can channel the healing energy through their hands.


We can attribute this practice to Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in 1790. After several experiments on his own body, he made a remarkable conclusion. Particular substances that cause disease, often have the power to cure those who are already afflicted. The remedies used are prepared carefully by a special pharmacist, using a method if dilution and succession.


Dr. Andrew Still is credited with establishing the practice of Osteopathy in the 1800’s. He deduced that the human body has its own internal system for healing itself. What the practitioner does, is help the patients release their natural ability. This is done by manipulation of the muskuloskeletal frame. By working on the frame, it takes care of the spine, muscles, and joints. It’s a completely non-invasive and drug-free method and is aimed at affecting the nervous, lymphatic, and circulatory systems.

Bio Fields Therapy

The goal of this therapy involves influencing energy fields that surround the body. This can be achieved through the use of magnets, crystals, light and color puncture. There are two types of energy to be aware of, veritable which pertains to scientifically observable energy, and putative which will invoke the undetectable energy.


This is very similar to acupuncture. The difference is that the illness or pain-affected area is manipulated with finger pressure at key points on the body. This practice had been in Japan for more than 1,000 years.

Mind and Body

The main premise here is that the mind is strong enough to affect what happens to the body. This covers a broad range of practices that includes:

-Deep Breathing
-Progressive Relaxation
-Qi Gong
-Tai Chi

These methods are useful for many mental or emotional issues. Many times the use of herbs and high-dose vitamins are incorporated such as:

-Fish Oil
-Flax Seed Oil

Often times aromatherapy is also used during a massage or reflexology.


Studies of the body in motion is the focus here. It affects the different mechanisms, physiological, psychological, and mechanical. This includes:

-Exercise Physiology
-Motor Control
-Motor Learning
-Bio Mechanics
-Intramuscular Physiology
There are even more practices in the holistic healing field, several are used in conjunction with each other or stand-a-lone:

-Auricular Therapy

If you are interested in seeking further information on holistic treatment Miami, Dr. Martin Dayton is an Osteopathic physician and surgeon. The integration of conventional and alternative medicine is his specialty for over 40 years strong. Holistic healing is very beneficial, and whether it is used in conjunction with, or instead of traditional medicine, it is important to find a practitioner whom you feel comfortable enough with to be willing to heal your mind, body, and soul.

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