Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Well being does not just focus on physical health. Wellbeing encompasses the full health of your mind, body, and soul. Without this balance, you cannot consider yourself in full health. What is wellbeing if your body is in healthy shape but you are suffering from depression or anxiety, for example? And what is total well being if you are happy and manage your stress well, but suffering from physical ailments? Or if you feel an emptiness inside for lack of spirituality? Full balance is necessary, and holistic medicine believes in he treatment of the full body, mind, and soul. Chinese medicine for example, and important part of holistic medicine, believes in this balance.

Therapies For Balance

High dose vitamin C therapy can promote well being in cancer patients, and patients with other ailments. PRP Therapy is another therapy that can promote well being. Physical health treatments used with spiritual and mental treatments such as yoga or meditation could improve total well-being. Glutathione side effects, vitamin C side effects, as well all other therapy side effects are minimal, and should be considered before the beginning of each treatment. Some treatments work better with others. Meditation could help patients focus on their recovery. Acupuncture can help patients who suffer from back pain, or especially those who suffer from joint pain.

A few good examples of total well being therapies:

How Yoga Can Be A Total Wellbeing Therapy

Yoga focuses not just on the body, but on the mind and the spirit. While stretching, the patient clears his or her mind and focuses on breathing instead. This is extremely beneficial for mental well being. as well as physical health. Some forms of yoga call for a focus of the higher being and spiritual self while observing poses meant to stretch the body and clear the mind. For this reason, yoga can be beneficial to total balance in well being. Modern yoga might focus more on fitness, but all the same, yoga is still a balanced therapy to focus on mind, body, and spirit well being. Ask your doctor if yoga is right for you.

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