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Introduced far back in ancient Chinese times, acupuncture has developed as a compilation of technical procedures that involve the manipulation of different sized needle gauges, each serving a particular purpose, to provide the body with direct stimulation to anatomical points of the body. Dayton Medical  is an alternative medicine clinic that provides the service of acupuncture. The end purpose of these pervasive stimulation techniques is to provide optimal balance, and rejuvenation to the body, by creating flawless blood flow. The actual, needle piercing, process itself is considered to be minimally invasive, as the needles do not penetrate past the most shallow level of the skin. The exact procedure includes the insertion of needles into the appropriate acupuncture points.

According to The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, there are distinct areas of human wellness that the practice is supposed to interact with, namely five. Those elements are the actuataion, defined as the mode of blood, fluids, and circulation. Next, is the concept of “warming”, which generically translates to the entirety of the body, including appendages. Then, there is the role of acupuncture as a remedy against possible future pathogens, or diseases, and finally, containment, and transformation. Containment, also said to serve a preventative, or stabilizing effect on the body, and its emissions, is followed by transformation, which deals with the nutrient intake into the body, in addition to the body’s capacity to manipulate those foods into beneficial fluids, and vitamins.

New Fusion of Eastern and Western Medicine

With the above information taken into consideration, we now know that acupuncture, which takes a holistic approach to healing, is a resource for long lasting pain relief that has been in practice for thousands of years. This is what makes Dayton Medical so popular. However, the trendy, new, integrative field of sports acupuncture is something just now emerging, as a synthesis of both western, and eastern, medicinal philosophies.

Consequently, in current medical news findings, acupuncture has been validated by the National Institute of Health, the National Health Service of the United Kingdom, as well as the World Health Organization as a recognizable source for specific cases, including pain, in particular.

With this recent recognition of the acupuncture science ,as a valid from of pain injury therapy, it has been gaining more, and more attention, as well as acceptance. In comparison to Western medicine practices, acupuncture provides drug free, non-habit forming, and painless, responses to injures, with minimal side effects. Some say that using acupuncture as a healing tool can speed up an athlete’s progress from pain, or injury. According to recent research, studies have found that acupuncture can relieve pain, and reduce inflammation, from strains, bruises, and other sports related injuries, even circumventing the need for surgery in some cases.

New Acupuncture Based Curriculum

Most acupuncture specialists have further integrated the acupuncture techniques to include special practices used in conjunction with physical therapy treatments. Ultimately, the fusion results in expert treatment that offers a wide range of treatments which include massage, manipulation of the body’s natural meridian flow, and sports massage, which focuses on the tight and painful soft tissues with a variety of massage techniques, as well as physical therapy modal movement.

The ideas of an integrative acupuncture, and physical therapy approach have become popular enough to inspire the growth of a new niche for sports acupuncture holistic training, certificates, programs, and private colleges. New professionals who are specializing in sports acupuncture crossed with acupuncture have a high tendency to have a scholastic background in sports science, biology, and physical therapy, all fields that focus on the processes, and functions of the human body. In addition to new professional, and up and coming practitioner, even well established professionals, this new field offers

Acupuncture Integration into Sports Injury

Newly reported claims of support from medical establishments like the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine claim that this new wave of sports rehabilitation can provide new responses to age old problems.

Moreover, acupuncture can be applied to both acute injury, which can be defined in terms of a single accident or traumatic injury, as well as to cumulative injuries, which are brought on incrementally, over a long range of time. An example of the more long term cumulative injury would be one like “tennis elbow”, which is something that develops as a result of chronic over use.

With respect to its uses outside of injury, sports acupuncture is something which is promoted as a form of preventative injury, as well as a way to enhance physical range, endurance, and natural strength. As a physical energy, and performance enhancer, acupuncture practitioners argue that sports acupuncture utilizes the structural premise of the qi, and meridian flow. This theory has been applied to everyday training practices, and regiments as a way to optimize an athlete’s energy flow of the meridian.

For instance, most professional, or everyday athletes practice whichever sport, or sports on a regular basis. Over time, the body experiences small breaks in muscles, strains, cuts, bruises, or perhaps tissue build up in one concentrated area.

If you are suffering from chronic frustration, and physical pain from a sports injury accident there are safe, and drug free alternatives to those of the western medical world. The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine of acupuncture have given rise to many new innovative interpretations of the well known eastern science, resulting in many new popular therapy systems designed to serve professional athletes, and the athletic community at large.

How the Approach Physically Works

According to acupuncturists, the application of the acupuncture serves to directly relieve the body of such blockages, and swelling tissues, by redirecting the pressure. Whether you decide to receive acupunctural sports therapy for sports injury, or enhancement, the goal is to provide the body with a capacity for optimal performance by ensuring maximum blood flow through the circulatory system.

Enhancing traditional Chinese medicine practice with modern techniques have proved to be trending at leading medical facilities like Dayton Medical, in North Miami Beach, Florida. With major industry leaders on board with this new craze, the medical institution industry has already begun to implement a standardized process for what is included in a acupuncture visit for sports injury. Like most doctor, or clinic visits, the treatments starts with an initial analysis of the patient’s body, that requires the assessment of a “postural assessment grid.”With the aid of the grid, professionals are able to conduct the necessary assessments dealing with static, and functional analysis, with visual precision, indicating any possible deviations from the norm.

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