Sunday, September 20, 2020

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Dayton Medical Center is known as one of the leading holistic, alternative healing centers in the nation. Certainly, patients who are told by mainstream conventional doctors that there is no cure for their condition are presented optimism and a treatment plan at Dayton Medical Center. The Miami medical clinic, which is situated across from Miami Beach’s Atlantic Ocean, integrates complementary, conventional, and alternative medicine. Illnesses ranging in severity from common colds to the progressive stage four cancers are treated by Dayton Medical Center in Miami.

Dr. Martin Dayton is vastly considered as one of the top doctors practicing an integrative approach to treating cancer and is mentioned in the book “Defeat Cancer”. In the book, author Connie Strasheim discusses holistic treatments as a way to kill cancer. Integrated technology, from both conventional and alternative fields, is used in defining toxicity and nutrient absences. Furthermore, technology is also used to directly heal the complications leading to terrible diseases.

Miami alternative medicine practitioner apply the use of osteopathic medicine, Chinese medicine, Mind body medicine, and anti-aging medicine. Osteopathic medicine consists of using conventional procedures such as the use of prescription drugs, surgery, and use of technology to determine ailment and treat symptoms. The belief of using Osteopathic medicine is that the body possesses an inborn ability to heal itself over time by manipulative methods that reinstate the body back to its proper organization and function. By manipulating the body back to its intended structure/function, the body more efficient in healing itself.

The osteopathic physicians look at the person as a whole and educate patients on how their lifestyle and surrounding environment plays a key role in determining one’s health and well-being. The physicians encourage the patients to make decisions that would eliminate lifestyle decisions that could potentially cause harm to the body. Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, which is hands-on care, can be useful to people of all ages and conditions. The practice involves the use of the hands to adjust muscles and joints by stretching, applying gentle pressure, and using opposition. Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment is especially accommodating to people with health problems such as asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, and menstrual pain.

Next, holistic treatment Miami is put into effect through the use of Chinese medicine. The Chinese medicine sector uses herbal therapy, acupuncture, and other holistic practices to treat a wide range of illnesses. Chinese therapy is based around the belief that if bodily functions are balanced then the body will restore itself back to equilibrium.

Chinese herbal medicine is predominantly composed of plants, but also comprises some minerals and animal products. Acupuncture is beneficial because it arouses specific points in the body, which aids to more efficient bodily functions. Other conventional Chinese medicine techniques include moxibustion, cupping, Chinese massage, mind-body therapies (such as qi gong and tai chi), and nutritional therapy.

Moreover, Alternative medicine Miami utilizes Mind Body medicine to aid in natural healing. Mind-Body healing focuses on the exchanges being communicated between the brain, mind, body, and behavior. The techniques used in mind-body healing are intended to reassure a more constructive interaction, thus promoting better overall functioning and health. The techniques of Mind Body medicine contain profound-breathing techniques, massage therapy, hypnotherapy, and body talk. The techniques are believed to create a healthier, more stable emotional and cerebral state.

This holistic approach to healing seeks to bring the body back into physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual equilibrium and harmonization. Mind-body techniques are enacted upon patients who are depressed, dreadful, apprehensive, suffering from sleep disorders, displaying memory loss, suffering migraines, binge eating, displaying irate outbursts, enduring post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), having reoccurring thoughts, suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, and/or displaying symptoms of low self- worth.

Lastly, anti-aging medicine is used in Alternative medicine Miami. At the Miami medical clinic in Dayton, anti-aging medicine aids in lengthening life span by giving the patient higher levels of vitality, vigor, and mental lucidity. Lifestyle choices often determine how long a person will live and to what degree he or she will maintain a good quality of life. Many choices reverse the aging process and leads to prolonged existence and freshness. Holistic practitioners believe that inner rejuvenation is crucial for a young-looking visible appearance and an overall well-being.

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