Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Holistic therapy to make it clear is the kind of therapy that employs the use of non-clinical approach to take care of a health condition. What happens, in this case, is that harmony is simply sought between the spirit and the body, and the individual is given some humble time to focus on positive issues about life instead of the negative ones. There are several types of holistic therapies, and they all are meant to tackle a specific health issue in the body. This article will tackle only the three basic practices involved in holistic practices.

Common practices involved

Holistic practices involves, first of all, one major therapy called ipt therapy. This kind of therapy is an abbreviation of insulin potentiated therapy. What happens, in this case, is that is that these drugs are integration of two elements namely insulin and chemotherapy drugs. Insulin is supposed to work on the cell membrane of the cell rapturing it while giving the space for chemotherapy drugs to infiltrate and kill the cancer cells. The balancing of these two combination means that it requires quite experienced skills because if one of them is given in higher doses, there Is bound to be the development of side effects.

Massage lymphatic drainage, on the other hand, involves the literal massaging of, the body of an individual an act that is considered quite holistic and non-clinical. The importance of this therapy to the health of an individual is to aid:
• General body fitness
• Increment of blood cells
• Removal of toxins

IV rehydration therapy on the other hand like the name suggest involves the aid to rehydrate the body after too much loss of water. What happens when the body loss too much water is that it gets dehydrated and to curb the situation, rehydration is employed to remedy the situation. This is very common in situations like cholera. Rehydration is orally done by infusing salt.


All these therapies should be noted are quite functional and are very effective in remedying their specific situations. The main thing, however, has been the fact that we ought to always insist on quality services from the physicians involved and the specific therapies they recommend for our situations. The moment you let someone experiment with the health of your body, the aftermath might not be very pleasing. Make sure that it is an experienced individual who is handling your situation.

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