Monday, September 21, 2020

Fighting an infection in the body is usually a simple task for a healthy immune system. The person might have a low grade fever and feel a bit tired for a few days, but then the infection is gone. For an unhealthy immune system possibly over exposed and resistant to antibiotics, healing is not as easy. The lymph nodes become full and swollen causing bacteria and viruses to spread through out the body when they don’t work as well any more. Fortunately, there are three alternative medical options that help heal the body when it can’t heal itself anymore.

Risky Alternative Medical Option

Hydrogen peroxide is a liquid that can kill germs on contact. It is very inexpensive and frequently sold in most health care products at super markets. Besides being applied topically for wounds, a hydrogen peroxide infusion can also be injected intravenously to heal the body internally. There are risks to this procedure that include the following side effects:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Redness
  • Death

Noninvasive Medical Options

Hydrogen peroxide received intravenously is risky, so there are two other options that can be used at the same time to boost the immune system instead. They are milk thistle seed extract and ozone therapiesMilk thistle seed benefits are amazing. This extract cleanses the liver, helps stop the spread of cancer and also flushes out the lymph nodes and reduces their size allowing them to function as a healthy filter stopping the spread of infection. Caring for the lymph nodes is especially important when a person is struggling to get rid of an infection. Milk thistle treatments can take several weeks to achieve the full benefits. Getting an ozone treatment is fairly quick in comparison. Ozone is frequently used to disinfect operating rooms in hospitals. It also been used to clean wounds with. It increases oxygen significantly. Bacteria and viruses cannot survive in this environment and die. It is currently being considered as a possible option for patients who have contracted Ebola. This dangerous virus has been causing mass panic due to its severe symptoms that can lead to death.

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