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Holistic medicine is a form of alternative medicine, but differs slightly from the rest. While alternative medicine is based more so on natural medicines and treatments, holistic medicine focuses on curing an ailment by treating the whole being. Mind, body, and spirit, in like. What ails one, can bring down another. This is especially true if you consider the mental state of someone suffering from a chronic illness. In alternative medicine, milk thistle is a remedy for liver problems, gerovital injections is a treatment for aging, and hydrogen peroxide IV therapy side effects are slim to none. In holistic medicine, aging would possibly be treating with anti-stress remedies, as stress is one of the major causes of early aging.

Holistic Medicine Treatments

Holistic medicine can be treated using different remedies, methods, and therapies, depending on your doctor. Patient education is just as important, as the patient plays a major role in their own healing. Wellness and prevention go hand in hand, after all. The patient will undergo changes to his or her diet, exercise routine, mental well-being habits, relationships in life, and spirituality. Where western medicine is considered, so is alternative medicine – whatever is best for the well-being of the entire patient. Chiropractic, naturopathic, homeopathic, and traditional Chinese medicine are just a few alternative treatments offered in holistic medicine. Patients should also take care to find a holistic practitioner who is experienced, qualified, and reputable. The initial appointment will tell you all you need to know about whether or not you can trust the doctor, and if his or her treatment options are right for you.

A few treatments used in holistic medicine can be:

More on Holistic Medicine

Holistic doctors are capable of deciding what is best for your condition or ailment. Holistic doctors are prepared to treat the mind, body, and spirit – as it is believed that optimal health is achieved in the balance of all of these. Total well-being is a frame of mind you will start to believe in, once you begin your treatments. A reputable and experienced doctor is something every patient should look for, before they begin their holistic health journey. After all, you don’t want to waste your precious time. Start by researching local holistic centers, and follow up with a phone call and an initial appointment, to get to know each doctor. You will be in good hands, with a holistic doctor.

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