Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Of all therapies performed at various medical centers like IV chelation and platelet rich plasma therapy, holistic healing treatment is the only that help in treatment of almost all health conditions. Holistic healing aims at achieving wholeness in all aspects of living. This wholeness includes respect to our bodies, taking care of environment, living according to the life’s purpose, healing our relationship and showing love to all people. To understand what it meant by holistic healing, we need first to know what is healing. Generally, there are three types of health, which include physical health, spiritual health and mental health. In most cases, the three type of health are treated separately, but they are related to each other. Healing is bringing bodies’ imbalances into its natural functionality. Holistic healing is a type of health practice that approach human life from physical, spiritual, emotional and mental aspects.


One of the well-known holistic healing is the psychosomatic therapy. The therapy involves healing practice while using body-mind communication science to balance the mind, soul and body. Through body and face analysis, psychosomatic therapy is design to facilitate emotional release and to increase ones self-awareness. The other type is the acupuncture. Practitioners have been using glutathione therapy to treat various cancers until when they realized that glutathione injection side effects are more than those of acupuncture. This is an ancient Chinese and Asians practice. Thorough stimulation of various bodies’ parts, acupuncture aid in opening and enhancing energy channels in people. During the practice, one is inserted with fine needles into the skin surfaces at particular points. It accelerates healing by increasing blood flows and life force energy via these channels.
Other forms of holistic healing:
• Emotional Release and Bodywork
• Nature Therapy
• Meditation and Relaxation


Choosing the right practitioner is very personal and it requires great care and examination of the person. It is ideal to build rapport when you get an opportunity of meeting the practitioner, as it helps one to ascertain if you will relate well together. Consider a practitioner that show love, care and openness to you. The chosen practitioner should be well-trained and well-equip with modern equipment. He should also be licensed by the local authority. Generally, practitioner as a person is important than the techniques he apply. The practitioner should have positive approach to his work, as this shows he will be able to handle you with care.

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