Friday, September 25, 2020

The Baby boomers-the ones born from 1946 to 1964-include the largest population to need health care than ever before.

Pharmaceutical companies and medical practitioners are concentrating on what surgeries, potions, or pills baby boomers-turned seniors are going to likely use in the following 30 to 40 years. Ironically, most individuals usually are concerned with their health following something major occurring. The fact is if we constantly take care of our health the process of aging will have little impact.

Baby Boomers Voice Concerns

Baby boomers are stating their concerns regarding better health, more than previous generations. But, most don’t know where they can locate options and information, other than TWM (Traditional Western Medicine).

Few individuals study the host of side effects for OTC (over-the-counter) or prescription drugs-not to mention that OTC and prescription drugs are formulated to hijack and over take the body’s biochemistry. OTC and prescription drugs force blood pressure to become higher/lower or force your liver to cease in making healthy cholesterol. As a matter of fact, OTC or prescription drugs interfere with regular human metabolism, and that’s one reason why such drugs are killing individuals. However, conventional doctors rely upon propaganda regarding the unknown effects of holistic health care in order to convince individuals that only OTC or prescription drugs are safe. It isn’t that they’re terrified with the effects of holistic health care-they’re terrified of individuals being well and that they will lose their business of writing prescriptions for life-long potions and pills. Western Medicine is driven by profits.

Holistic Healing Now Becoming Recognized

If everybody knew they had the ability to prevent any disease using medicinal herbs, plant extracts, minerals, natural vitamins, and supplements, as well as possessing peace of mind-the medical and pharmaceutical sector would definitely collapse overnight. Here are 4 facts to consider:

  • Mutual of Omaha reports that it saves around $6.50 in covering non-standard (holistic healing therapies) treatments.
  • In 1991, people in the U.S. made more visitations to unconventional health care physicians and a holistic healing center (425 million) than to conventional physicians (388 million).
  • Around the world, only 10% – 30% of individuals utilize traditional medicine, 70 – 90% use homeopathic and naturopathic health care.
  • Of 1 out of 3 Americans who state to have used natural methods, 84% reported they’d use it again.

Spirit, Body, Mind, Energy, Metaphysical or holistic healing has been in existence since the start of time amid religious practices and beliefs, along with the superstition, mystery, misunderstanding, and fear. Holistic Healing now is becoming recognized irrespective of what anybody chooses to think or believe.

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