Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Milk thistle is named after the thick milky fluid that pours out of its leaves when torn. Its use was found to be beneficial over 2000 years ago where it was used both for medical purposes and as a food. In the past, it was believed that the leaves were very beneficial for lactating mothers. This is because its leaves have milk-white veins which were believed to be a trace left when Virgin Mary’s milk poured on the leaves. The plant was mostly cultivated in European regions and was used for the purposes of treating liver, gallbladder, spleen and kidney conditions. Also, it was used in the treatment of poisoning from mushrooms and snake bites and some skin conditions. Over the years, the use of milk thistle has increased. It is now used in integrative medicine as a nutritional therapy.

More Integrative Therapies

More and more therapies emerged from the ancient times and have been integrated into modern medicine so as to reduce suffering. Some of these therapies are;
• Oxidation therapies
Oxidation therapies are treatments meant to boost oxygen levels in the blood by intravenously administering catalysts. These treatments act as antioxidants treating a wide range of conditions. One of the most efficient oxidation therapies is ozone therapy. Ozone therapies require that ozone is introduced in the body to catalyze the production of oxygen.

• Stem cell therapy
During a stem cell therapy, stem cell injections are administered to an injured part of the body. This is to foster healing of a damaged tendon or muscle without with cells from another part of the body.

• Nutrition therapies
Nutrition therapies are very common. They entail intravenous administration of nutrients to the body to treat a nutrient deficiency. One of the most common is high dose vitamin c iv.


Integrating this therapies into modern treatments is very beneficial. This is because they do not have any chemicals in them. Therefore, their side effects tend to be minimal and only a very little percentage of people may not be eligible to use them. Besides, they do not only help to treat the illness for which they are meant. Rather, they treat the body as a whole. Another advantage of these therapies is that some of them can easily be self-administered from home. For example, Myers cocktail for nutrition can be administered at home after a prescription from a physician.

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